Pastellmalerei Fritz Engelhardt Anklicken und Ansehen

2. Symposium
der Deutschen Pastell Gesellschaft

08.10. -12.10.2019 in Königswinter/Oberdollendorf


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Newsletter PSNM

Fritz Engelhardt writes this about the formation of the German Pastel Society (DPG)    and their 1st exhibition.

After attending the International Association of Pastel Societies Convention in Albuquerque in 2015,
                    Fritz founded the DPG since there was no pastel association in Germany.
Their goal is to promote the medium of pastel in the visual arts and in the consciousness of the beholder.
Through information exchange, competitions, possibly joint exhibitions or workshops DPG
wants to help pastel painting have a greater presence in the arts and the public.
The German Pastel Society now has over 30 members.

In 2015, under the name of the "German Pastel Society", Fritz also founded an open group
on Facebook, in which more than 150 pastel painters have come together with the same goal
and the common idea to help pastel painting get more attention.
Last year they met in Salzgitter for a symposium and plein air painting.
This year they were able to open our 1st exhibition of the German Pastel Society on 16 November 2018.
You can learn more about it on YouTube: page 2 •
HIGHlight: January 2019

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